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My name is Bill Stanley and I have been a doing home improvements and gardenings for over 20 years. I enjoy sharing my home improvements tips with friends and family, as well as the rest of the world!


Gardening Tips

Yes, you can purchase live plants online! Here are some great gift ideas for live plants to surprise the gardener on your list – securely packaged to arrive safely. Broccoli Romanesco seeds may be just the unique gardening gift you’re looking to buy for the daring, innovative gardener on your list! This vegetable, first documented in Italy during the 16th century, is a cauliflower variation and is sometimes referred to as broccoflower! Doesn’t look like our typical broccoli does it? (Maybe the kids would like it more if you served this galactica-like veggie!) If you have a gardener on your list who likes to be the first one on the block with a new plant, a garden idea, or the latest heirloom vegetable, you’ll definitely want to check outThe Cook’s Garden. What an assortment of unique vegetable and flower seeds, as well as 50 different varieties of organic vegetable seeds you can order online.

Any savvy vegetable gardener would be thrilled to receive a basket filled with a variety of these special packets of seeds. And you can have a lot of fun looking through all the different varieties and picking the ones you would like to taste! Just make sure you make it clear that you want an invitation to sample the harvest! Take a look at some of the new seeds available in 2010: How about the Carrot Cosmic Purple? Violet on the outside and orange on the inside! Or maybe you’re into the Heirloom Tomato Collection? Seven different varieties and intense flavors of heirloom tomatoes. More information on shedsfirst.

You might even want to spice things up with the Hot Pepper Hot Dance Mix: described as eye-popping and tongue-hopping! Now that sounds like fun! Check out the new and wonderfully unique seeds available from The Cook’s Garden. Their gourmet seed packets range in price from $2.75 to $4.75 each and will be great gardening gift surprises this spring! Just think what a unique gardening gift you will create for less than $25! As my almost 5 year old great niece would say, only 31 more moons until the first day of spring! Not soon enough for me after this brutal winter.

 Getting a head start with seed planting is sure to improve my mood, save me money this spring, and help me get ready for a super growing season. But now, my fingers need to feel the dirt! Of course, you can wait until later and buy full flats of flowers or vegetables from your nursery or garden center but if you’re looking to trim your budget or you’re looking for a greater variety, consider starting seeds indoors. Growing your own plants from seeds is an economical choice especially if you’re planning to have lots of containers or flower beds, or a large vegetable garden.

 And it’s also fun to watch them grow! If you’re really taking an economical approach, you may be able to get some free empty flats from your local nursery after they start to transplant small seedlings into larger pots. If so, it’s a good idea to rinse the containers with a solution of 2-3 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water to get rid of any lingering bacteria that may be hiding in the recycled containers. Let them dry and then rinse with plain water before you start planting.

The last thing you want to do is use regular potting soil to start your seeds. Potting soil can be too heavy and doesn’t provide the proper drainage for seedlings. Instead, use a soil less mixture made up of sphagnum moss with vermiculite, and sometimes perlite. (Or you can order premixed Germinating Mix delivered to your door!) You may be excited about planting your own seeds this year but maybe you’re not eager to start completely from scratch.

 Or maybe you’re looking for unique gardening gifts. Either way, these seed kits and seed starting supplies make it fun and easy while improving your success factor (make sure you follow the directions found on each seed packet):